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There are three main stages to the dental implant procedure.

1 - Remove old tooth & perform socket preservation to gain good bone density.

2 - Place titanium screw in the underlying bone depending on the thickness of the available bone and the height of the available bone. We allow that to sit for three months, and the bone will grow directly onto the tiny titanium screw for maximum strength.

3 - Then make the teeth which we either cement over the underlying titanium screw or, in some instances, this is my preferred thing we tend to screw them into the titanium screw fixture.

Most experienced clinicians will try and use the screw-retained dental implant. Because if things break, we can unscrew it and send it off to get repaired.

Cosmetic Dentist Socket Preservation Bone Graft Whangarei 

Cosmetic Dentist Socket Preservation Bone Graft Whangarei

Cosmetic Dentist Socket Preservation Bone Graft Whangarei 

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist and considering dental implants and want the best cosmetic dental results, you need to know about socket preservation.

After a tooth extraction and dental implant surgery are about to be performed, an excellent Cosmetic dentist will do a process called socket preservation.

In the video, Cosmetic Dentist Dr Dennis Shepherd explains what socket preservation bone grafts are.

Better Result With Your Dental Implants 

When a tooth extracted, the bone remodels pretty quickly, resulting in quite a lot of shrinkage of the bone that was holding the root in the jawbone. It can be as much as 50% of the calcium absorbed from their jaw bone in the first year. Unfortunately, this can result in the gum receding as well.

To combat this, we introduce materials into the socket that stops the shrinkage, and it integrates with the bone during the subsequent healing process to increase the bone density of the jaw bone. Then, we introduce a combination of collagen and bone into the socket and suture something over the top. It accelerates healing, making the site ideal for a dental implant. The resulting higher density jaw bone  from the socket preservation process gives the titanium screw a much stronger purchase, ultimately gives you a much better result when your dental implants are bolted onto the titanium screws.

We use Geistlich for our biomaterials, and they have written a very neat special report on how this process works if you would like a copy of our special report called 'Socket Preservation Bone Graft for Dental Implants - Geistlic biomaterials Special Report' we can email it to you click on the button below:

Different Titanium Screw Sizes for Dental-Implants

Different Titanium Screw Sizes for Dental-Implants

Why Socket Preservation Is Essential For Dental Implants

Different Titanium Screw Sizes for Dental-Implants Titanium Screw Sizes Dental-Implants

Different titanium screw sizes for dental implants are selected depending on the bone density and thickness available.
Hence the importance of the correct surgical procedures to prepare the dental implant site in advance. 
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