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How to Over come Fear of Dentist & Dental Phobia Whangarei NZ

How To Over Come Fear Of Dentist & Dental Phobia Whangarei NZ

If you are fearful or phobic of the dentist, you are not alone; and you have come to the right place. There are also some tremendous fast dental phobia cures or dentist fear removal techniques available today by visiting competent hypnotherapists that specialise in dental phobia cures and fear removal techniques and skilled NLP Neuro-linguistic practitioners specialise in dental fear and phobia removal techniques.

You can Call the rescue dentist, and we will refer you to a top dental fear removal specialist. Dr Shepherd is an expert at making nervous clients feel comfortable and at ease, plus his pain-free, highly skilled treatments will leave you feeling even more confident.

How to Over come Fear of Dentist & Dental Phobia Whangarei NZ

Different Titanium Screw Sizes For Dental-Implants

Find out how to select the right specialist with the right skill sets to get the best results from dental implant surgery.

Learn more about the best way to prepare for dental implants and which implants to choose. 

Different Titanium Screw Sizes for Dental-Implants

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What is an Apicoectomy & When You Might Need One?

What Is An Apicoectomy & When You Might Need One?

An apicoectomy is a specialised treatment for root canal failure it can save your tooth find out more about apicoectomy on this page Root Canals

Gingivitis Is A Destructive Periodontal Disease What You Need To Know?

Gingivitis is a periodontal disease the most common form is plaque-induced gingivitis whereby plaque is attached to the surface of the tooth.

Gingivitis though often starts with plaque can progress to periodontitis, causing the gum to recced and expose the roots of the teeth.
Inflammation of the gums can advance resulting in tissue destruction and bone resorption around the teeth. With the correct treatment and good oral hygiene gingivitis is reversible.

Typical Symptoms include bad breath, gums bleeding after brushing, red or purple swollen gums that are tender or painful to the touch.

symptoms can get worse to Periodontitis Infection or abscess of the gingiva or the jaw bones and loss of teeth. A 2018 study found strong evidence linking gingivitis bacteria to Alzheimer's disease.

How to Heal Gingivitis - Treatments can include improved dental hygiene through to tissue grafts this is when you really need to consult a good Periodontist with a special interest in Periodontal (gum) disease. 

Gingivitis Showing Receding Gums & Exposed Tooth Root
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