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Oral Hygiene Regular Dentist & Dental Hygienist Check Ups In Whangarei

Oral Hygiene Regular Dentist & Dental Hygienist Check-Ups In Whangarei

Oral hygiene regular dentist & dental hygienist checkups Whangarei

Visit our dental clinic regularly every six months for a checkup; dentists can spot & fix problems before becoming a problem, saving you both money & pain.

Oral hygiene regular dentist & dental hygienist check-ups in Whangarei

Oral Hygiene Cleaning Your Teeth

We have a highly skilled dental hygienist. To maintain optimal oral health, book an appointment with our dental hygienist; she will give your teeth a more thorough clean & show you more ways to look after your teeth. For example, if your teeth are sensitive, try different toothpaste brands. Also, ask our dentist, Dr Dennis Shepherd, as he might be able to help determine the cause.

Try gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash such as Savacol in the morning & evening after brushing your teeth, as it helps you remove bacteria from your teeth. Just remember to do it after brushing, but not instead of brushing. It is essential to frequently replace your toothbrush as the bristles on your toothbrush become worn & fail to perform as well as they should. 

Oral Health Care

Strategies For Optimum Oral Health Care

Regular Dentist Check Ups Every 6 Months

Regular Dentist Check Ups Every 6 Months

Maintain Optimal Oral Hygiene With Regular Dentist Checkups Minor Dental Issues Are Easy To Fix If Found Early . Read more..

Dental Hygienist For Deep Teeth Cleanse to Remove Plaque

Dental Hygienist For Deep Teeth Cleanse to Remove Plaque 

Remove Plaque Causing Bacteria From Difficult To get At Areas With a Professional Deep Teeth Cleanse From Your Dental Hygienist. Read more..

Flossing To Remove Plaque Building Bacteria Between Teeth
Flossing To Remove Plaque Building Bacteria Between Teeth 

Flossing Between The Teeth Is The Only Way To Remove Plaque Bacteria Between The Teeth. Read more..

Regular Brushing Teeth To Remove Plaque Bacteria
Regular Brushing Teeth To Remove Plaque Bacteria 

Regular Tooth Brushing With A Good Tooth Paste After Meals At least Twice A Day. Read more..

Sometimes Brushing Isn't Enough So Ask Your Dentist About Dental Sealants.

Also, bacteria can build up on your toothbrush & become embedded in the bristles. Replacing your toothbrush every three months is a core component of an excellent dental care habit.

Sometimes brushing isn't enough so ask your dentist about dental sealants. The dental sealant acts as a protective coating on the part of the teeth used to chew your food, such as the molars, directly preventing tooth decay. To learn more about the best Oral hygiene & regular dentist & dental hygienist checkups for the best preventative dental programme for your teeth. Call our Whangarei dentist clinic today & book a checkup with Dr Dennis Shepherd or his dental hygienist on 09 438 7694

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Oral health Dry mouth & Bad Breath Maunu Whangarei.'

A dry mouth and bad breath can make one feel embarrassed and self-conscious when speaking socially or business. One way to solve this is to use xylitol present in some gum or hard candy drops. In addition, the Vedic's from India recommended cleaning your tongue using a scraper or soft toothbrush once or twice a day.

Avoid acidic and high sugar foods as much as possible. Your teeth and gums take quite a bit of punishment from these food groups. So, if you can, avoid them or eat them with your meal and a lot of water. Also, as soon as you finish, immediately brush your teeth to minimise the damage.

Avoid carb snacks if possible. Potato chips and other salty snacks build-up is difficult to remove residue on your teeth. If you need to have a snack, choose some fruits or other healthy food. Clean your teeth immediately afterwards if you can, or plan on spending more time flossing later.

Brush your teeth twice a day. Ideally, brush your teeth after every meal. Or, as a minimum, first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Scrubbing your teeth with a clean toothbrush often is one of the easiest ways to prevent tooth decay.

Oral health

Special interest in Gum Disease

Oral Hygiene Regular Dentist 

Dental Hygienist visits every 6 months

Dental Hygienist 

Highly Skilled Dental Hygienist 

Check-Ups In Whangarei

Dental check ups every 6 months


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