Cracked Tooth Pain And Best Treatments Whangarei

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Cracked Tooth Pain And Best Treatments

Cracked Tooth Pain And Best Treatments

Dr Dennis Shepherd talks about how a cracked tooth is a common cause of tooth pain. He explains how to treat it to remove the pain and save the tooth. In this example the amalgam filling is the If you experience dental pain, it might be caused by a cracked tooth, since it is one of the more common causes of dental pain. I know this because I have recently experienced this type of dental pain myself.

So here I am learning what went wrong with my tooth from top dentist Dr Dennis Shepherd who Explains Cracked Tooth Pain at his local dental surgery in Whangarei.

Cracked Tooth Pain Requiring Dental Crown

Common Causes Of Tooth Pain - Cracked Tooth, Almalgam Fillings
Common Causes Of Tooth Pain - Cracked Tooth, Almalgam Fillings.

A crack in the tooth is one of the more common causes of tooth pain, toothache. This often happens with amalgam fillings, this model shows it really clearly. We used to put a lot of silver fillings into the teeth and the sharp, little edge over here, that used to lock the filling into place, but as people biting on the cracked tooth, the tooth actually flexes then it breaks and you get a crack. cracked tooth. A crack can either break up the side of the tooth. If the tooth cracks above the gum, this is good news. However if it breaks into the nerve, you lose the tooth.

Ceramic Crown or Root Canal Treatment?

Typically what we tend to do with a crack tooth if its repairable is to crown the tooth to hold the pieces together.

As you can see here on the reverse side of the tooth model, we can see an example of a ceramic crown that cats like a crash helmet which holds the pieces of the tooth together. So it can't actually flex, and when that's cemented on, your tooth strength is restored and the tooth pain discomfort will go away.

If the crack actually goes into the nerve of the tooth, unfortunately, the tooth will require a root canal treatment before we put a dental crown on the tooth.

Cracked Tooth Pain And Best Treatments Whangarei

Ceramic Crown or Root Canal Treatment?
Cracked Tooth

Common Causes of Tooth Pain

Amalgam Fillings

Common Reasons For Cracked Tooth Pain.

Ceramic Crown

Holds The Tooth Together Stronger No Pain.

Root Canal Treatment

If The Crack Is In The Nerve Then A Root Canal Treatment Is Required.


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