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Your Denture Options Whangarei

Your Denture Options - Whangarei

There are a number of options available regarding dentures from standard dentures, cosmetic dentures to partial or bridge work to implant dentures Dr Dennis Shepherd can advise you on the most suitable dentures to best match your requirements.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are secured upper and lower dentures, no slip, no movement, retained in a similar way to an implant or bridge nicely integrated into your mouth. There are several types of dental denture implants, including conventional (full) implants and partial implants. Each type of implant has its advantages, so talk to The Rescue Dentist to decide which is right for you. Because implant dentures fixed in place, they offer better integrity than standard dentures. There is no more discomfort or embarrassment of them slipping, giving you the full confidence and effect of normal functioning teeth without them covering the roof of your mouth.

Implant Dentures
Anti-ageing Dentures or Cosmetic Dentures

Anti-Ageing Dentures Or Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Denture gives you a unique look and feels and a high level of confidence as they fit your mouth in such a way as to give you full lips hence the term cosmetic dentures.

Bridges & Partial Dentures

Our high-quality scanning and moulding technologies and highly skilled dental technicians produce high-quality dentures using the finest materials, Chrome, Titanium, enamel, resins & acrylic, to match your needs. That looks great while providing comfort and required durability.

Bridges & Partial Dentures Whangarei
Periodontal Care

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Crown and Bridgework

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Dental implants

Implant Dentistry Providing Teeth That Look & Feel Like Your Own

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